Episode 507-508 ~ The Blind Spot in the Karaoke Box

Nice introduction for Shinichi-kun



Heiji: “Hey… Kudo! Don’t ya have something to tell your closest friend, eh-eh-eh?” Conan: “No, of course not!” [from Detective Conan]



The heart of the girl whom ones loves…
… how can one accurately deduce that.


DC Episode 39. Kogoru is looking for the missing girl inside the oven. Conan is annoyed but then you can see him looking at the kitchen sink. Haha, you think you can find her there Conan-kun?

One of the scariest cases right here. Just because of how much Reika suffered before she died. Even though she was a rich bitch, it was still a pretty gruesome death. 


One of the emotional scenes in Detective Conan..

It breaks my heart </3 

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